Helpful Web Site Links for You

Government Web sites

Link Ministry of Community and Social Services:Government Web Site
Link Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Special Services at Home Program:
Government Web Site
Link Ministry of Education: Transition Planning: A Resource Guide, 2002:Government Web Site

Guidelines and Policy Changes

Link SSAH Guidelines: as of 2012 the SSAH program supports children, birth to 18 years old ONLY.
Link Passport Guidelines: as of 2012 the Passport program supports people with a disability over 18 years old after being deemed eligible .


Link People First Ontario
A self advocacy group for people with intellectual disabilities: People First Ontario

Members Web Sites

Please look on our Members page for more links to the organizations web sites.

Link Family Alliance Ontario
To locate regional family networks, resources and connect with families.
Link Individualized Funding Coalition of Ontario
To learn more about individualized funding and supports that work. SSAH is one form

Other Resource Links

Link Inclusion Press
Produced “My Life, My Choice” a DVD about personal stories, struggles and successes in Person-Directed Living available
Link Where Are My Parents?
By Sue Stuyvesant
Link Creating a Good Life in Community
A Guide on Person-Directed Planning

Toronto Resources

Submitted by Toronto Family Network

Link Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab
For the Special Services at Home Tip Sheet. Holland Bloorview holds SSAH workshops to assist with applying for SSAH funding and managing SSAH funding.
Link Respiteservices
Resources such as the CHAP Family Package for families and/or individuals wishing to access SSAH, hire workers, etc.
Link University of Toronto Career Centre
To hire workers by posting ads (free service to employers including parents
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