Family Sharing

Best Practices of SSAH

We plan to share family stories of how they use SSAH to its best advantage. New stories will be shared in the section below

Dave’s Deliveries & Baskets

One young man has a delivery business 2 half days a week using his SSAH worker/ personal assistant to help him carry out his work.

Click here to see a fact sheet of this young man’s successful delivery business Dave-notebook

Kitchen Table Talks

The best uses of SSAH was also the topic of our Kitchen Table talks seminars in Fall 2005. We hope to share some of the successful ideas and stories from those sessions that families have shared with us. Dinner was included at the Ottawa Kitchen Table Talks Nov.2005. Families were so happy to be connected with other families in the Ottawa area.

Some new families met experienced families and decided to keep getting together for coffee to discuss ideas and individualized funding. Many new families waiting for SSAH spoke of the difficulties they faced while they waited for this vital support.
Family Table Talk

Family Table Talk

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