Direct Funding for Individuals with only physical disabilities

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When a youth with ONLY physical disabilities turns 18 years old and is no longer eligible for SSAH, a youth can use this Direct Funding program [SMAS]  administered by the Centre for Independent Living, Toronto.

Direct Funding – Self Managed Attendant Services [SMAS]  in Ontario is an innovative program enabling adults with physical disabilities to become employers of their own attendants.

Attendants assist with routine activities of living, such as dressing, grooming and bathing.

As employers, participants are fully responsible for managing their own employees within a budget that is developed on an individual basis.



Different people have different needs. Direct Funding is intended as an option suited to people with physical disabilities who are willing and able to take on the extra management responsibilities (and possible risks) of the program.

Permission to publish the text above and video from the Direct Funding web site

has been granted by the Centre for Independent Living, Toronto, June 2015.

Please click here to go to the Direct Funding web site


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