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    Happy Anniversary Special Services At Home Funding!

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of Special Services at Home funding. One of the MCSS most successful programs. Ontario families are devastated to learn that progress made in 1990 has been undone as of April 1, 2012: their sons and daughters with developmental disabilities are no longer eligible for...
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    2012 News Sheet Download

    Please download the Dec 2012 News Sheet from a new group that I am now involved with called ‘ Everyday Ordinary Lives’ As Co Chair of SSAHPC, I would like to share this news sheet which has helpful information about the SSAH and Passport programs and the information about how...
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    Read our Social Exclusion Paper

    Social Exclusion -SSAHPC June2012 Please click here to read our Position Paper “Social Exclusion” 2012  Social Exclusion Paper-2012 Download documents for this Action Campaign initiated  at the Family & Friends Gathering  held in London, ON May 23, 2012 Read about the day’s happenings
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    Important Policy Brief

    Dr Patricia Spindel released a Policy Brief to the Minister of Community and Social Services, Premier Wynn and to the Clerk of the Standing Committee...

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