1. SSAH Admin

    Ombudsman Report- August 24, 2016

    On August 24, 2016 Paul Dube, the Ontario Ombudsman released the long awaited “4 years coming” report. This document is the result of an investigation related to complaints from families and people on Ministry of Community and Social Services supports to people with disabilities and their families. Here is the...
  2. ssahadmin

    Important Policy Brief

    Dr Patricia Spindel released a Policy Brief to the Minister of Community and Social Services, Premier Wynn and to the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Developmental Services on November 6th, 2013. Relying on reports from families, transfer payment agencies, an extensive literature search and documents accessed through the Freedom...
  3. ssahadmin

    Shocking Wait List Stats

    Shocking Wait list stats from MCSS 8900 families waiting for SSAH 4000 people waiting for Passport as of March 31, 2012! We stated it is most unfair to families that there has been NO NEW applications in Ontario for SSAH since 2007. Every new approved application goes directly on a...
  4. ssahadmin

    Ask your MPP

    In 2011 SSAHPC has expanded our mandate to include the Passport Program. We ask you to ask your MPP “What is MCSS doing to ADD $56 Million to support the 10,000 families who need SSAH and Passport funding?”
  5. ssahadmin

    SSAH Announcement

    Announced June 21st, 2011 The government has informed us that the SSAH program for adults will be merged with the Passport program as of April 1st, 2012″. Current funding levels are committed until March 31, 2013. Therefore as of April 1st, 2012 your SSAH funding for Adults becomes Passport funds....
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