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Here are books written by moms who have a son or daughter with a disability and use SSAH

A Guide Related to Support Workers and Your Individual with Exceptionalities – By Janice Adams

Book - A Guide Related To Support Workers

“A Guide Related to Support Workers and Your Individual with Exceptionalities”.

This book will provide you with ideas ranging from ‘ how to find, to how to hire and train a support worker’ for your family discussed along with helpful tips when a support worker must be replaced. A resource book which we recommend in the ‘First Choice News, Edition 1’ , written by Janice Adams, mother of a young man who lives with autism.

To order this book call Adams Publications. Phone (519) 692-4597
Cost $20.00 each plus $3.00 shipping. For larger orders, please call ahead for bulk rates.

A Place Called Home – By Alison Ouellette

Book - A Place Called Home

“A Place Called Home”, this book written by Alison Ouellette encourages young people with disabilities and their families to have a vision for the future and pursue that vision with family and friends…Anything is Possible !
The Ouellette family story of courage and transition for a young man to his own home. This heart warming account will inspire families with hope that their son/ daughter or family member can fulfill their dream to live independently in the community.

To order this book; cost $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping. For larger orders, please email the author, Alison Ouellette for bulk rates
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