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    Here are books written by moms who have a son or daughter with a disability and use SSAH A Guide Related to Support Workers and Your Individual with Exceptionalities – By Janice Adams This book will provide you with ideas ranging from ‘ how to find, to how to hire...
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    Common Vision Paper

    Four provincial organizations ( Family Alliance Ontario, People First Ontario, Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition, and Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario ) that represent individuals with disabilities and their families collaborated to produce a 2 part newsletter "COMMON VISION FOR REAL TRANSFORMATION" on what is required for meaningful transformation.
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    SSAH Tips Sheet for Professionals

    This sheet was written by a mom/volunteer member. It describes the fears that families have about SSAH and what they need to know. How you, as a professional, can help them. It was presented at the Shared Learning Forum, Toronto 2007 written for people who work with individuals who have a developmental disability
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    Important Policy Brief

    Dr Patricia Spindel released a Policy Brief to the Minister of Community and Social Services, Premier Wynn and to the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Developmental Services on November 6th, 2013. Relying on reports from families, transfer payment agencies, an extensive literature search and documents accessed through the Freedom...
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